What is Branding

Over A Million customers are out there waiting for your product to arrive. Traditional marketing is losing its ground and new marketing is not reaching the market as fast as it should be able to which is creating a big gap between sellers and the customers. As T.V advertisement and Radio advertisement cannot also give you as dedicated audience as digital marketing. Web Presence is now a new certificate as before buying anything customers will like to check its reviews online. And with the increase in the number of online buyers this competition is becoming thick every day so now the best marketing strategy wins and gets the most revenues.

Why is Branding important for your company?

Success in business is all about making connections. At global BizConnect we work to gather more connections for your growing business network. We recommend people to purchase and get connected to small scale business so that it creates good revenue and is profitable to both the companies.

Connections are recommended for the overall development for the business by which the overall experience and productivity will increase helping small scale business to grow.


Website(s), search marketing, mobile content, social media, rich media, e-commerce, email marketing and more go into making an online brand identity today. Online branding relies on digital marketing for all aspects of planning, managing and evaluating the customer experience.  By taking into account the key factors mentioned in this article and ensuring there is a strategy that considers the right digital mix in support of the brand position, businesses can strengthen their online position in the marketplace and thrive in the digital world.


Key Online Branding Factors

  • Customer.

    In a branding process it all starts with the customer; considering a multitude of factors from age to gender to disposable income, through to their estimated frequency of purchase. Both an opportunity and a challenge, the online brand must identify, how through digital, they can raise awareness via the channels these customers frequent and engage with.

  • Brand identity.

    For some, this is their understanding of where brand identity starts and finishes. A logo, a visual marker for a brand. Of course, we know there is much more, but it is true that it is what instantly connects customers with brands. It can create interest, curiosity, affinity and connections. Over time it becomes an engrained image to represent your consumer experience. An identity that delivers an emotion or a state of mind based on your perception, or positive or negative experience you may have had.

  • Competitors.

    Competitor analysis is a key part of the brand process in order to differentiate image, messaging, and approach. Digital channels and their transparency allow this analysis to be done more thoroughly than ever before. From searching online, to sampling apps, to experiencing website and subscribing to their emails, competitor analysis is more open and accessible than ever before.

  • Online Messaging.

    Messaging is a key part of the online branding process. Key messages to support the product, service or customer value are essentially what add weight to an identity and enable consumers to “get it” in a few seconds. Best practice in terms of brand messaging and then delivering online can be viewed amongst a large number of brands.

  • Location

    When developing a brand project, location is a key factor. Where will the business be based, where do customers live, what languages do they speak and where do they demand orders to, or where will a business receive them from?  These are some of the key questions worth answering.

    With online, location becomes even more important because the business is not in total control of its audience and their location. You may be an SME serving a local community but tourism, social media awareness, search factors and increasingly multicultural audiences can drive change to this potential customer base. A change may be required from a once in a one size fits all approach to content and the products and services on offer.

  • Product

    Digital media, its consumption, various formats and interactivity has given brands exciting opportunities to show, sell, share and deliver their products online. In branding processes, products are considered in terms of their key messaging and top-level display in line with the brand image and positioning of the company. If a brand is positioned as having unique or ‘competitor busting’ attributes then what digital media allows is the opportunity to show this like never before with features such as:

    • Video content
    • Interactive personalization tools
    • Sharing facilities via social media
    • Try this on features
    • Augmented reality via mobile
    • Real-time configuration based on user inputs

    Brands must decide on the right mix of tactics to use, based on the products brand position to fulfil and exceed customer expectations, differentiate the products from their competitors, and aid conversion.

  • People

    How people in an organisation understand and deliver the brand promises are central to making the brand work. How they look, talk, write and their nature and approach are all part of the brand delivery process. This often takes time to educate, train, monitor and recruit the right people.

    Online, people still remain an important element to the brand on a number of levels. Customers may seek comfort online by seeing, hearing and reading about key members of the management or customer service team. Customers may wish to check the history and credibility of the management team or find out more about a person they met to ‘suss them out’ further. People are responsible for online brand delivery because a digital communications strategy is nothing without content.

Branding Services That We Provide

Our Services

Web Designing

Web Designing

Today you can consider your website as the virtual representative of your Business or you can even consider it as the passport – The identity of your business. It gives the virtual presence to your business it is something that will act as your visiting car, Brochure or even a map. So why pause or think before getting the best representative for your business? We, Global BizConnect, have taken website designing and execution to a new level. We use inspired and flawless website designs to keep your website visitors yearning for more. Our team of highly talented and skilled web designers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, programmers and copywriters work cohesively to provide you complete website solutions. You can rely on Global BizConnect to take your website from the conception stage to the forefront of the World Wide Web, giving you an edge over your competition. We start from the scratch with the website design to seamlessly capture your vision about your organization, and then build it from there to make that vision into a graphic representation through your site.

Social Media Marketing

Over 3.6 billion users were using social media in 2020 and it is expected 4.41 billion users will be using by 2025 (that is more 50% of world population). So here is the opportunity for you to reach the right market and sell to the right people who are really looking for your products. Social media allows us to pitch our products to people who are actually looking for it.
Where Digital Marketing consists of several forms like Search Engine Optimization , Paid Advertisements, Google Ads., On page and Off page optimization, blogging etc. Social media is the biggest and most traffic gaining platform which is practical and will give you high revenues instantly.
And Global BizConnect as a highly professional digital marketing company based in Vadodara helps the client to increase brand awareness and product selling through the digital medium with the perfect marketing strategy that will get you a good ROI.

Social Media Marketing
Graphics Designing

Graphics Designing

Graphic design is a craft where we create visual content to communicate with your clients. The days of reading and searching for answers are long gone people like to see at images like infographics and will like to gain knowledge with visual aid. This method is not only fast but will also explain your product much clearly and in a much more interesting way. Global BizConnect driven to create flexible graphic designs with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions. We are here to offer you our skills and experience to help you grow and develop your business and your brand identity. We can provide you with a complete range of design solutions to improve and enhance the impact of your brand which has in your marketplace.

Customer Relationship Portals

Today connecting with customers is super important we need to communicate with them on multiple levels of your product cycle. Whether it is market research for product design or product reviews for product launch or customer opinion for R & D or just conduction survey to maintain product life cycle or Customer support and Tech Support In today’s connected world, customer portals are becoming more of a requirement than a nice-to-have feature for many organizations. In a recent survey by Statista, 88% of respondents indicated that they expect a company or brand to provide an online customer service portal. It is truly becoming an age of ‘self-service,’ and how your company navigates this market demand can mean the difference between satisfied customers or missed expectations. The use of customer service portals has developed rapidly in recent years, and there is a much greater level of interaction. So are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let us help you to achieve exactly that.

Customer Relationship Portals

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